7.777 unique robs

The Rezd Robs NFT Project has 7.777 uniquely generated Robs with over 200 different traits and over 300 billion possible combinations. The goal was to make each Rob as individual as possible to provide quality even at high quantity.

The Universe

After the researcher rezzed some Robs, he realized that they are split up in three groups. It turned out that the Robs lived in factions called Crimson Gang, Azure Knights and Golden Paladins. They can be differentiated by their gears and cloths.


Some frequently asked questions for newcomers or people that are interested in this project. For more informations you can always talk with us in our discord server!

NFT stand for 'non-fungible token', which are unique and irreplacable assets that live on a blockchain. They are mostly used for ingame assets, digital art and collectibles. You can imagine them as kind one-of-a-kind trading card.

You can mint them right here on our website, buy them on OpenSea when they are released, achieve them by being a awesome community member or be lucky in one of our giveaways!

To be clear: We are not minting now and we did not release any NFT on OpenSea! Everything will be announced, at least 1 week before, on our socials and discord server!

The release is planned for Q2 in 2022. We will keep you updated on our socials.

Rezd Robs is a CC0 project. It was created by the Core Team and continued by the community. The official roadmap is the responsibility of the core team. As soon as the goals of the builders are set, a second roadmap will be released that will run parallel to the official one.

Builders are volunteers from the community who work on this project. They will have a role "Builder" in our Discord server after the Mint has taken place. You can currently apply to be an "official" builder at [email protected].

Just because you don't have a builder role in the Discord doesn't mean you can't work on this project, quite the opposite.

The builders will later be divided into groups that can set their own goals and will then be funded by the revenue.

To build a collection which results in an amazing community and a lot of projects in different categories. With the first launch we aim to gather our community and the upcoming goals can be seen in the roadmap.

Official Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take the Rezd Robs Universe. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we want to implement. It may evolve over time when our team and community grows.



Our goal is to launch a product, which will absolutely fit to our future customer, so that you can carry our project with you in full conviction and satisfaction. This is why we work together to bring the Robs into the next dimension.



While the reseacher and some Robs are busy building a rocket to look for a new planet to live on. We are hosting events on our planet with the remaining Robs and cooperating with other artists from the metaverse.


Physical World

Robs are offering a great base to create physical artworks. Nevertheless we don't want to create simple figurines, but something much cooler! Rezd Robs owner can achieve or buy them through giveaways, events or contests. More on this later.



After the Robs are on their way to their new home planet, we reinvest at least 40% of our income to expand the Rezd Universe. This includes, for example a free mint collection for Rezd Robs owners. A NFT game is also planned, thanks to the fact that we have experienced developers in our team. This part may evolve over time.